Bridgewater Carnival

Bridgewater carnival is the largest of a number of lightshow carnivals that happen in Somerset to celebrate Guy Fawkes ,so most are in November though there are a few smaller ones in Sept/Oct. This spectacle is something that has to be seen to be believed and well worth the trip .

I first came across this carnival through a small motorhome forum website i was using when i first started my motorhoming in 2006. The forum owner Dave Bess had organised a meet in Bridgewater staying in the car park of a local sunday school with use of the hall for the weekend. We set off on the long journey from the north down to Somerset on a cold November day but arrived in Bridgewater to a warm welcome from mine hosts and a few other noted motorhome people ,Dave Newell ,wife and dog,Supertractorman, Bertie (alan) Bassett ,Mike who was to become  Motorhomevale there were a few others who i cannot name but have added a pic so if you were there i'm sorry i cannot remember all the names. One couple who did pay a visit had just returned from fulltiming in Europe and had just written a book on the subject Chris and Meli and the book Go-Motorhoming (i still have a copy)and they went on to form Vicarious books and now produce all the European aires books amongst others.


The carnival route was just quarter of a mile from where we were parked so we went up about 7pm for the 7.30 start. What we didnt realise was one how cold it was (and we were not prepared for this ) and the 3 hours that the procession takes to pass. About 9pm we decided we would go back to the van for a brew as we were that cold we were frozen to the spot . That was all we saw of the carnival as we didnt return and missed the famous squibbing. We had a very enjoyable weekend in Bridgewater and some good company in the church hall with a hotpot cooked for us by Jacquie Newell . This trip set the precedent for what was to become a regular trip down to Somerset for the carnival.

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