Bridgewater Carnival 2

After the trip in 2006 we were better prepared for the weather and 2007 i also took my sister with us (she was amazed) and as there was no meet on we ended up on the car park at B&Q and with a donation to the charity it was an ideal location as the carnival route was right in front .We also managed to see the squibbing which happens in the town centre after the carnival has finished. The next couple of years i went on my own (as my marriage had broken down) and still enjoyed the spectacle and also a tour of the area. The last year i went (with a girlfriend) 2010 the weather was again unkind with torrential rain but still enjoyed it and also visited Glastonbury and Wells on the way back. One thing that did amaze me was the rivalry between the different groups that provide the floats and the fact that they were built from scratch every year and also the amount of money that was raised for the local charities. There are lots of places to park motorhome wise and so long as you contribute when the charity collectors come round the supermarkets and the likes of B&Q have no objection to you stopping .

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